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Who We Are

Align. Simplify. Scale.

We make the right thing to do the easy thing to do.


We make difficult and complex business operations easy because we understand that transformation is about everything – strategy, operations, organization design, and culture – fitting together seamlessly like parts of a powerful engine designed to accelerate the company through all kinds of terrain.

We also appreciate the simple truth of life: Visions inspire and plans succeed only when we, as leaders, significantly influence the thoughts, feelings, actions, and behaviors of the people we lead. Our core belief is that mindset unlocks high-performance, transformational leadership. We partner with leaders to guide their teams through changing their trajectory and accelerating their growth.


We connect our broad expertise and your deep insights and experience into perspectives that optimize across the entire scenario to create wins on every level. And then, we catalyze the transformation. 

What makes us different?

We've worked on both sides of the chasm. Our professional experience includes years of management consulting at the top firms and years of operational leadership in companies. More importantly, we're experienced and adept translators and bridge builders.

We are your engine of transformation and your architect of change.
Amelia Waters

Amelia Waters advises business leaders at the intersection of AI, strategy, and operations. As the Managing Partner at EDSO Edge, she partners with CEOs to align strategy, simplify operations, and accelerate to scale. Formerly with the Boston Consulting Group, she has held leadership roles in technology, healthcare, and education companies, leading business transformations to drive sustained, profitable growth. She is a frequent speaker and panelist on the role of the COO in small and mid-sized companies and the integration of AI to amplify human potential and impact

She has a strong track record of successfully developing leaders and teams, and has served as executive coach and mentor with Techstars, Alchemist Accelerator, the Venture Mentoring Team, and the Executive Service Corps. In her free time, she writes science fiction and fantasy novels under the pseudonym Jade Kerrion. Some novels go on to win awards and appear on the USA Today Bestsellers list.

She is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University where she majored in Biology and Philosophy, and holds an MBA from the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Virginia. 

Mark Waters

Mark Waters is an entrepreneur and investor. Formerly an Arthur Andersen CPA, he led teams on business risk consulting and fraud investigation. He then went on to become a controller of an international energy company with offices in four countries. After obtaining his MBA, Mark started a franchise of FasTracKids, an enrichment education program focused on developing creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills in three- to eight-year olds.

His passion for creating transformative learning experiences led him to start a homeschool team to build an underwater remote-operated-vehicle. In its very first year, that team won third place in the regional MATE-ROV competition, and was the only homeschool team to take part in the international competition.

Mark is a gifted coach with a wide range of skills and tools, developed by working with world-class leaders in the field of personal development, including Master Stephen Co and Tony Robbins. He has taken on the highest stake, most important clients (i.e., his three sons), and creates and champions their learning experiences. He is deeply connected to the homeschooling and micro-school community, as well as marine science and marine engineering higher education institutions.

He is a Double-Hoo with a BSc and MBA from the University of Virginia. Mark is also the founder and CEO of EDSO Edge Enrichment which creates custom enrichment programs for amazing learning experiences.

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