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Life Lessons from Clone Wars

“Do you know what a blockade is?”

My husband asked my youngest son that question during a World History lesson. I fully expected the answer to be “no.”

With bright eyes and a huge smile, my son replied, “Yes! In ARC Troopers: Season 3 Episode 2 of Clone Wars, the Separatists set up a blockade around Kamino, and…” 

My son then delivered a ten-minute long lecture on the political turbulence of Star Wars, and a letter-perfect example of a blockade.

Knowledge and insights come from unexpected places, much like my son's impromptu Star Wars history lesson.

Just like my son learned about blockades from Star Wars, we find valuable insights in unlikely places. Maybe it's a marketing strategy from a completely different industry, a customer service approach from a small-town bakery, or even leadership lessons from... well, Yoda. By staying open-minded and curious, we might just stumble upon the next big idea in the unlikeliest of places.

Much like how my son connected the dots between World History and Star Wars, we all benefit from diverse perspectives and experiences, derived from both intentional as well as serendipitous encounters. We never know when a random conversation about lightsabers (or more likely, a book we read, or the conference we attended) might spark an innovative solution to a challenge.

Finally, adapt and iterate. Just as my son seamlessly transitioned from history to Star Wars trivia, we can experiment, test new ideas, and pivot if something isn't working. After all, the Death Star wasn't built in a day, and it certainly wasn't perfect on the first try (nor on the second, for that matter. Perhaps they’ll succeed the third time around.)

So, whether we’re navigating the vast expanse of business challenges or charting a course through the nebulous realm of real life, let’s stay open-minded, embrace diversity, and be willing to adapt. And who knows, maybe our next big breakthrough will come from a galaxy far, far away…or from the colleague on the other side of the Zoom call…or from the neighbor just next door.

Let’s stay connected. Keep talking. Keep listening. Keep learning.

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